We make stories that get people excited about change and help good ideas grow faster.

We make these stories by fusing innovation (a new way of doing things) with purpose (having a positive impact on the world).

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”

Elon Musk.


 We work with:

People who have a good idea and need change to make it happen.

People who want change and
need a good idea to make it happen.

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Clean + Cool

We co-founded Clean + Cool to help grow and celebrate the new heroes of a low carbon economy. Working with Innovate UK, we make sure the right companies are in the right place at the right time, with the right story.

Clean + Cool started as a mission to the US, by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, to help the UK’s best early stage cleantech companies grow faster. Following our first 5 entrepreneur missions and support from public and private organisations like Innovate UK, UKTI,DECC, Shell, SVB and Orrick, our 76 alumni went on to secure over £650m. We aim to treble our impact by 2020 through a unique story-led programme, created to develop insight, networks, pitch, profile and ambition here in the UK, Silicon Valley and other global cleantech hotspots.

Long Run Works understand what it takes to bring innovative and sustainable ideas to market but more importantly, explain them to audiences of potential customers, investors and partners. They are also creative and restless innovators themselves”.

Head of Urban Living and Built Environment, Innovate UK.


What Women Want 2.0

Our campaign captures and shares the views of women on what matters most to them. Our goal is to provide new data and insights to dozens of partners like; UN Women, Hearst, vInspired and Refuge, that can make change happen.

20 years ago, a small team of volunteers had a simple yet powerful idea to give British women a voice at the UN Beijing Conference. They invited women to answer “what do you want?” on a postcard and received over 10,000 replies. 20 years on, we’ve joined forces with one of the original team members to rerun the campaign. The 2016 campaign will ask the same question but will use digital channels to harness the power of women’s voices and engage the world in a powerful conversation to create change. Our goal is as it was before: to enable women to say what matters most to them and use their collective voices to effect the change they say they want – for themselves, their families and communities and for society as a whole.


SPARK! Festival

In its third year, the festival brings together teachers, entrepreneurs, employers, public service providers and young people to find real solutions to local challenges, while showcasing digital education innovation and skills.

Working in a maker space in Brighton, it became obvious to us that the digital tech and skills available to young people are growing and changing at a pace that is hard for parents, teachers and employers to keep up. With MakerClub, we set up SPARK! Festival as a day where we could bring people up to speed by solving real local problems. The day creates stories about innovation by delivering real changes such as a crowd funded maker space, a digital rewilding strategy for the city and a new traineeship programme.

We’ve helped good ideas grow with…

partners and clients including 6 global brands, 5 charities and two government agencies
free community events to help people find new ways to tell stories and grow good ideas
tech start ups in energy, education, health, transport, finance and sustainable living
exceptional individuals engaged as technologists, fundraisers, videographers and designers
thoughtful young people who have shared their ideas and developed their know-how

“Whatever you are trying to sell, story telling is the most powerful thing you can do”

Richard Branson.

Our Approach


Story Making

We put purpose at the heart of your story.

Story Telling

We use innovation to change the conversation.

Story Doing

We forge collaborations to keep your idea growing.

We use stories to; build brands, create campaigns, develop growth strategies, unite teams, bring visions of the future to life, fuel ideas, develop partnerships, win support for change and inspire action.

“My core belief is that if you’re complaining about something for more than three minutes, two minutes ago you should have done something about it.”

Caitlin Moran

Our story

The founders of Long Run Works both joined the same big London PR agency straight out of Uni and spent 10 years measuring their success on how big their brands and their budgets were.
Both started looking for something more…

Guy Pattison

Will Hill

Will Hill


Guy and Will both joined the same big London PR agency straight out of Uni and spent 10 years measuring their success on how big their brands, budgets and nights out were.

Both started looking for something more.

Guy spent 5 years helping purposeful young businesses find new markets. He worked with digital, energy, health and education startups in the UK and in global innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, Bangalore and Sao Paulo.

Will found reward in creative brand campaigns with purpose, launching the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty in the UK, pairing up Maroon 5 and Coca-Cola to raise money for The Replenish Africa Initiative and advising on Channel 4’s ‘meet the superhumans’ Paralympic campaign.

A Christmas pub reunion started with an argument on what’s wrong in the comms world that stops good ideas from growing. It finished with an agreement to change the stories we make and help those long run thinkers who aren’t served well by short term thinking agencies.

By using our communications know-how, we find new ways for ideas to gain a competitive edge and flourish that aren’t in the ‘innovation playbook’.

By virtue of hanging out with entrepreneurs instead of our peers in agency land, we bring ideas to clients that they don’t get from their usual agencies.

We also have a lot of fun with stories. Guy’s cofounded a regular live story telling event in Brighton (Herd), Will’s writing a fantasy novel inspired by Romani mythology, we host weekend hackathons that make the most of millennial thinkers and doers (Collide), run a free back-of-the pub story building workshop for local businesses with great ideas and no budget (Social Enterprise Strikes Back – formally known as Star Wars for Start Ups) and even deliver story workshops in the dark (Pitch BlackTM).

We’re obsessive about our craft and love nothing more than helping client’s find and live a story that matters.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

Rosa Parks

Good stories, innovation, purpose, collaboration and ideas…

Accelerate by John Kotter

Accelerate by John Kotter

Accelerate by John Kotter “Building strategic agility for a faster-moving world”. Published 2014, http://www.kotterinternational.com/book/accelerate/   Reason for review John is a highly regarded writer on leadership – lecturers at Harvard – with this the latest in a series of books over a number of decades. Focuses on a key challenge faced by all big businesses,…

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull “Overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration.” Published 2014 http://www.creativityincbook.com/   Reason for review The story of Pixar is a key source of inspiration – why and how – for Long Run Works. Pixar has made a lot of our favourite stories about deep but…

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran Published 2011 http://www.caitlinmoran.co.uk/   Reason for review Feminism and gender equality is a long run isssue (100,000s of years) that feels it is close to its tipping point. It isn’t a business book but it’s a book people in business should read to get some perspective on…

How I discovered the real value of digital education within communities.

Like most of the opportunities digital innovation opens up, it’s not the tech that is the most important catalyst, but the people that use it.   That’s why we teamed up with MakerClub to create SPARK! that has just run for the second year in Brighton as part of the city’s Digital Festival.   We…

How do you grow good ideas with stories?

Whether you are campaigning for a sugar tax, selling solar panels or inspiring people to give coding a go, it is a question worth answering.   Richard Branson, said “Whatever you are trying to sell, storytelling is the most powerful thing you can do”.   I agree – to a point. Today, storytelling is easier…

Why do we waste time and talent by not giving Millennials the opportunity to tackle climate change?

Isn’t it odd that while most of our biggest challenges are intergenerational – designing future cities, adapting to climate change, managing an ageing population, etc. – young people are marginalized from the decisions and the debates.   Stranger still? We know they are creative problem solvers and inventively embrace the potential of accessible technology, yet…

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